myFM listeners share their BEST life hacks

Kim: After boiling your eggs let cool in cold water, when ready to peel , dump out water leave boiled eggs in pot put on lid and shake until egg shells are all cracked , then peel .. The peels just fall off !!

John: You know how when you slice a loaf of bread (yes some of us do), that very often the loaf ends up with the top being wider than the bottom?
Hack: If you turn the loaf on its side, it’s easier to cut a straight slice.

Rebecca: Empty toilet paper tubes make it easy to store napkin rings. Yes, apparently I have an obsession with them, and need something to organize them

Nita: Roll the tortillas up and put them back in the bag then throw them in the freezer. Easy way to get just one or two out of the bag.
More simple tricks to make life WAY easier with these life hacks 

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