How long do I have to do the dishes to burn off a slice of cheesecake?

Neat/depressing online calculator that can tell you how much everyday household activities you need to perform to burn off, say:


Slice of cheesecake (321 cal):

Wash dishes: 3 ½ hrs

Vacuum: 1hr 45 mins

Walking the dog: 2hrs 20 mins


Slice of pizza (285 cal)

Regular walking 1hr 40 mins

Rake the lawn: 1hr 25mins

Read the paper: 14hrs 15mins


2 slices of bacon (86 cal)

Ironing: 1hr

Make the bed: 1hr 15mins

Standing, doing nothing: 6hrs 10mins


Steak dinner (potatoes, gravy & green beans & glass of wine ) (746 cal)

Bicycle: 3hrs 40 mins

Play cards, or just sitting & talking: 22 hrs

Sleeping (6hrs): -42 calories (yes, negative)

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