Mark Cullen’s April Gardening To-Do’s

Monthly newsletter from Canada’s Garden Expert – things to do in April:

Rake your lawn lightly with a fan rake.  The goal is just to remove the loose debris and place it in your composter. Also to get the blades of grass standing up a bit.

Fertilize. Always important, will help you get a thick, full looking GREENER lawn.

When to start their tomato seeds?
Mark Cullen’s Answer: 2nd or 3rd week of April is ideal
IF you plan on planting out in late May/early June.
It is important not to let your young seedlings grow too tall and lanky before you place them out of doors

My secret to starting the best seeds?  Worm castings.
I discovered this last year when I added one tenth worm castings to my seed starting mix.
I use 10 scoops of  Pro Mix to one of worm castings.
Why worm castings?  Because worms work miracles.
They convert the raw, organic material in the soil into a rich material that is loaded with microbes and beneficial bacteria all of which assist in the growing process of all plants, especially in their early stages of growth.

Sow seeds now to plant out later.
Veggies (now): broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, leeks,  peppers.
Later in April: cucumbers, squash, tomatoes.
Flowers (now): petunias, geraniums, alyssum, dahlia bulbs, cosmos, pansies, snapdragon.
Flowers (later): asters, zinnias, calendula, salvia.

April is a great month to plant all winter-hardy material including shrubs, trees, evergreens and later in the month, roses too.  Just make sure that they are near dormancy at the time of planting as ‘forced’ material is frost tender and subject to frost damage.

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