myFM listeners share their tips for sleepless nights

Shane: I usually drink water, makes me fall asleep again lol

Courtney: Reading a book. Tires the eyes which makes you want to close them

Bobbi-Jo: The sound trickling water e.g. tiny waterfall i have i got for christmas from my parents

Julie: I hate white noise, don’t know why. I don’t usually have trouble going to sleep, but on those rare occasions, I count backwards from 9,999. It doesn’t matter if I lose my place, I just pick another number that might be close to where I was and continue. My husband says it would be too taxing and stressful for him, but I find it’s just enough focus to quell the rabid thoughts and nurture the placid ones. Sometimes I’ll couple it with an exercise we used to do in a High School drama class. You tense and the release muscles in turn, starting at the toes and moving up through the body. I rarely “complete” either process, asleep in hardly any time at all.

Laura: Reading the dictionary…bet you can’t get passed “B” zzzzz

Mike: Listening to white noise.. the sound of rain helps fall asleep and have more positive dreams…

Heather: Ear plugs and few long deep breaths

Anne: When I’m having trouble sleeping, I find a noise machine helps with the sound turned on to a waterfall or rain. 🙂 I am a light sleeper so this keeps the noise out.

Carole: Hot milk with honey, nutmeg and a bit of butter. Also a drop of lavender on my pillow.

Sharon: Reading +/or praying. Or imagining that I win big at the casino

Sue: Deep breathing

Ruby: Pinterest bores me to sleep

Donna: Using “Pzizz” app on my iPhone. Soft soothing voice and calming background music. Out. Like. A. Light. LOL

Sabina: Writing everything that is keeping me awake down on piece of pper. then I can sleep knowing I wont forget it.

Ashley: Doterra essential oils or wine

Susan: A cup of camomile tea and my Kobo. Valerian root is a big help too.

Dana: Body scans, YouTube it!! It helps me a lot you just have to really listen

Rachel: Sleeping backwards!!!! Put your pillow where your feet typically go and sleep that way , you will sleep like a sloth no joke 🙂 your welcome

Nicole: Relax one body part at a time, slowly from toes, to feet, to ankles, and so on, all the way through to the top of my head; if I last that long!

Justine: Putting lavender essential oil on the bottoms of my feet.

Kelley: Listening to the man tell me about his day :/

Jacqueline: Deep breathing exercises through the diaphragm helps and focus on the air going in and the air going out.. Eventually you get so relaxed your tired

Wendy: Take a hot bath with lavender bubble bath

Suzzan: counting sheep jumping over a fence ….they trip they jump and miss ..some make it over the first time some dont lolol

Tracey: anything with lavender in it like sprinkle some powder on your pillow or use a lavender hand cream for your hands or even rub your forehead.

Kayla: Checking Facebook. Reading makes me tired lol

Charlena: Hot bath with Epsom salts and lavender oil. Works most of the time

Kim: reading or colouring and drinking warm milk. A warm bath and slip into clean sheets on the bed works best for me.

Katherine: Concentrate on your breathing and say lighter when you breathe out and heavier when you breathe out. Takes your mind off everthing else

BJ: Thinking about all the bleesings in my life. So much to be thankful for 🙂

Ellen: Watching Sherlock and reading myFM comments.

Laurie: Adult colouring
Joyce: a tsp of raw honey

Lena: Magnesium. Works wonders.

Daniela: Replaying my favourite childhood book in my head helps me sleep.

Thea: Sleep hypnosis on YouTube helps there are some really good ones on there that help calm me down and put me right to sleep. That or melatonin helps on days I’m really having trouble. and some other days nothing helps at all

Deborah: Turning your station off!

Most common: Reading, sex, hot bath, clean sheets and/or wine. Thanks for all of your suggestions through phone/email/FB!

Sleep tight (hopefully)!


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