Celebrity Christmas Cards 2015

Dear Big Bang Theory fans, it was WAY better than I imagined.

-Yours, Sheldon.


Hello, struggling record industry. It’s me. You’re welcome.



Dear Justin Bieber, Merry Christmas and all the best, but there’s only One Direction I’m heading in the New Year.

-Yours (once), Selena.
Dear kids in the greater Boston area, when someone tells you ‘cheaters never prosper’…remind them who won the Superbowl this year.

-Signed, Tom Brady.


Dear J.J. Abrams, DON’T MESS THIS UP.

-George Lucas


Dear Muppets, don’t ever leave us again. Like, ever. Happy Holidays!

-Our childhood


Dear Marcus, can Winston please have his banjo back? Merry Christmas.

-The rest of Mumford & Sons

Dear America, or how ever many of you are still paying attention to me. Merry Christmas! Unless you don’t support me for president in 2016. Then we’re kicking you out (or building a wall to keep you out).

-Donald Trump

Dear world. There is no Christmas this year. I am bigger than Christmas. Here’s a Kanye Cane and we all say Merry West-mas to you.

–Kanye West

Dear fans. I’m sorry. I can’t express how sorry I am. I don’t know what for, but my agent and marketing team said if I look really sad, write songs about being sorry, you’ll give me another chance. I’m so sorry.

–Justin Bieber



Dear Mr. Harper, hope things are going well with your new job. I meant to send one of our family’s famous Christmas chocolate buches, but…it’s just not ready yet.

-Sincerely, Justin Trudeau

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