How are you FIGHTING BACK against hydro hikes at home?

Time for new appliances? Think of the second price tag.

Appliances are built to last. On average:

  • Freezers last 21 years
  • Stoves and clothes dryers last about 18 years
  • Refrigerators last about 17 years
  • Clothes washers last about 14
  • Dishwashers last 13 years

Refrigerator and freezer energy efficiency tips

  • Put refrigerators and freezers away from heat sources such as direct sunlight, the stove or the dishwasher.
  • The best temperature to set the refrigerator section is about 3°C (37°F). The freezer should be about -18°C (0°F).
  • Check your refrigerator’s door seal by closing the door on a $5 bill. If it’s held tightly in place, the seal’s OK. If not, the door should be adjusted or the seal replaced.
  • If you require a stand-alone freezer, consider chest freezers as they are more efficient than upright ones.

Cook up some savings

  • When appropriate, use the broiler. It saves energy and requires no preheating.
  • For cooking small quantities, consider using the microwave, toaster oven or slow cooker. You can save up to 50 per cent of your cooking energy costs by using a microwave oven.

Using Appliances

The cost of operating appliances typically makes up 15% of your total energy bill. Get rid of an old fridge or freezer and save up to $125 a year in electricity costs!
You’ll save if you replace or unplug it if it’s not in use. Better yet, we’ll haul it away and recycle it for you, free of charge.

What’s in your fridge or freezer?
An uncrowded fridge works more efficiently than a crowded one.
Freezers work best when they are two-thirds full.

Do you need to preheat the oven?
While preheating the oven is required for baking, it’s not necessary for other uses like roasts or casseroles.

Wait until the dishwasher is full
Running a half empty dishwasher uses the same amount of energy as a full one. Save more by using the no-heat drying option.

Other helpful at-home ways to take the POWER back here.

3 thoughts on “How are you FIGHTING BACK against hydro hikes at home?

  1. You guys and gals are too, too funny. Love to listen to you and the music rocks! Thanks to one and all. Al and I made a wise choice moving to St. Thomas. Keep on keepin’ on. Take care.

    Judy M.


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