Listener submissions: Homework excuses: 1970 vs. 2015

1970: I ran out of lined paper
2015: I ran out of data on my tablet

1970: I forgot my textbook at school
2015: I forgot the password to get into the online tutorial

1970: My parents were watching both of our TV channels at once and they needed me to get up and switch the knob and I didn’t have time for homework.
2015: I was clearing room off of my PVR to record all of my favourite shows so I don’t miss anything.

1970: The car broke down on the way to the library to sign out an encyclopedia
2015: It wasn’t on Wikipedia

1970: I forgot my assignment on the kitchen table
2015: I did the assignment on my dad’s laptop but forgot to put it on a USB

1970: I couldn’t miss the “Who Shot JR?” episode of Dallas or else I might not ever see it again.
2015: I had to watch 13 straight episodes of season 3 of Orange is the New Black cause the memory on the PVR was getting full and mom was gonna delete them all to she could record all 13 season premieres on TV at the same time last night

1970: My dog ate it
2015: Because our paper is now made with 100% recycled organic hemp and flax, my dad ate it.

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