That time Chris Hyndman randomly appeared in my mom’s kitchen

Some years ago, my mom was hosting a soiree at her home in Niagara Falls, ON, when at one point during the night a gentleman rang the doorbell asking to use the phone. One of the party guests, well into the party “spirit” by that point of the night, answered the door to a complete stranger. The mystery man had been at a gathering at a friend’s house and had gotten a bit lost after going for an after dinner walk around the neighbourhood. Despite having to clue who the guy was, he seemed slightly panicked, so he let the stranger in (mom always said no to that kind of thing as a kid).

Mom remembers a good looking guy with a baseball hat on, very polite, soft spoken, and understandably embarrassed at his plight. The man made a quick call, got some directions, and was promptly on his way. He even left a $20 bill to cover the long distance call to his friend’s cell. That was that.

A few days later, mom opened the local newspaper and came across an article about THAT GUY, who contacted the paper to tell the story from that night and thank the nice family who helped him find his way. With the article was a more professional photo of the man, wearing his signature dark-rimmed glasses and without the hat. And with that, the realization that this wasn’t just some stranger.

The stranger was Chris Hyndman.

Big time Canadian celebrity TV host. Chris of “Steven & Chris.” And even though she didn’t watch the show, EVERYONE knows Stephen & Chris! The family he was visiting that night was that of his longtime partner both on and off camera, Steven Sabados, who was born and raised in mom’s neighbourhood.

You can imagine mom’s shock realizing that they randomly let one of the more recognizable celebrities in the country into home, and had no idea who it was. Gentle, polite and as it turns out, incredibly grateful. A testament shared by many this week about Chris Hyndman.


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