What events would make the Pan Am Games more AWESOME?

What if the host country got to add its OWN events to the Pan Am games? Some of our listeners suggested:

ladder ball

horse shoes (toilet seat?)


corn hole (bean bag toss)

washer toss

dodge ball

fly fishing

And of course, some games need to have authentic rules:

Street hockey:

-Games will be played with wet tennis balls

-Body checking ONLY allowed on the grass

-Game clock is paused when ball enters the neighbour’s hedge

-Goalie’s must use regulation bike helmets, baseball gloves and knee-high pads. If goalie gets injured, the back up goalie is the plastic one from Canadian Tire. (already has a better GAA than the human goalie)

-One player for each team is designated “CAR” shouter

-Slap shots must NOT be aimed at the groin, unless the goalie is wearing a cup

-EVERYONE’S little brother must have a spot on the team, no matter how terrible they are

-Game only ends when mom lets the dog out to steal the tennis ball

TimBit Beer Pong

-5 players per side

-Must only use official Solo Cups or approved medium Tim Hortons coffee cups

-Only regulation ping pong or picnic tables (home team gets the side with the least amount of bird poop)

-TimBits must NOT have jelly filling for added weight

-All beer must be 4.5% ABV or higher.

-In the event of a tie, there will be a 3 on 3 overtime where players must also Roll-up-the-Rim and flip the cup on the table

Thanks for your suggestions! Have any to add?

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