myFM cover: “5 Weekends in May”

Our cover of Blue Rodeo’s “5 Days in May”:

***Audio Ends At 1:34***

“5 Weekends in May”

Looked at the calendar today

There’s 5 weekends in May

This month is gonna be so sweet!

Last weekend was all yard work

Raking twigs and hoeing dirt

I think there’s mulch still down my shirt

This weekend is Mother’s Day

Oh shoot….it’s Mother’s Day

Cheap last minute flowers on Saturday

Weekend 3 is for Queen V

Honouring our history

By slamming beers on the back deck

Yard Sale time May 23rd

If I beat the early birds

Or else I woke up early for nothing…

By the 5th weekend in May

Knee-deep in weeds cause I forgot to spray

Spend 2 days mowing the lawn…

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