Concert memories from myFM staff

1st concert? Vince Gill
Favourite concert? U2
Bucket list concert? Garth Brooks

Chris Soares:
1st: Slaughter opening up for Cinderella at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton lol
Fave: Keith Urban at Bayfest in Sarnia
Bucket list: Bon Jovi if they ever tour again

Jessica Bilson:
1st concert? SHANIA TWAIN (It was also the night where Avril Lavigne won a radio contest and got to perform on stage for her first time… then she became famous)
Favourite concert? PAUL MCCARTNEY
Bucket list concert? TAYLOR SWIFT… or… I’d die to see Paul again.

1st Concert: The Beach Boys!
Favourite Concert: Counting Crows at The Warehouse in Toronto just before they really broke big.
Bucket List: U2 or ABBA (which will never happen but I always say I would sell the house for tickets to ABBA)

1st-Alice Cooper w/Great White (I was 11)
Fave-Tool w/Finger11, Sevendust, Tea Party, Gob, Creed (Edgefest 2001)
Bucket list-Rise Against

1st: Fred Penner
Favourite: SARS-Stock (Toronto 2003) – Stones, ACDC, Rush, Guess Who, Sam Roberts, Justin Timberlake etc.
Bucket list: Who-tles (Paul & Ringo, Roger & Pete…think about it!)

Mike Badaway:
1st: Sharon Lois and Bram.
Favourite (Most Fun): Summersault 2000; Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, OLP, Treble Charger, Sum 41
Favourite (Best Band): Oasis
Bucket List: Nirvana – think BIG

1st – New Kids on the Block
Favourite – Hedley
Bucket List – Billy Joel (Though I wish I could have seen Queen with Freddie at the helm).

JD (Golf Guy):
1st: Guy Lombardo (with parents). Amy Grant (with teen friends)
Favourite: The Cult 1987, Kitchener/Prince 2011, ACC…
Bucket list: Radiohead

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