No scores, no standings, everyone wins

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OVERWHELMING email/caller/FB feedback this morning about the whole “everyone wins” movement in kid’s sports. THANKS everyone! Some of your responses:

Tracy – Talk about taking the fun out of an event. Kids need to learn sportsmanship win or lose! When score is behind kids try their hardest to be better – competition is what life is about – you don’t get the first job interview you keep trying until you’re successful! Shame on anyone who thinks this is a good idea! Athletic kids are Proven to be more successful – why is that? Because they must possess many skills to be a competitive individual- hard work carries into good work ethic & passion for their sport- take that away & it’s another boring thing to do….. Like sitting in front of the tv with not much thought process because who cares?? It’s not good for the well being of these kids!!

Tara – Learning to lose gracefully and win with humility are valuable skills that can be used your whole lives. Let’s teach our kids how to do more than just play hockey.

Sabrina – Everyone wins only when they do their best! Failure isn’t losing a game. Failure is not learning, enjoying or making oneself better. The “let’s not keep score” trend is only for parents who can not or will not show every situation is one you can learn from. It does nothing to benefit kids.

Alan – My kids like winning. Knowing how you stack up against the competition matters in the real world. Athletics and sportsmanship can be taught in a competitive environment.

Myrla – Kids are not the ones feeling bad about scores & grades. They play for the fun of it until adults get involved. It’s the parents who want this. What will prepare them for the “adult” world? They need to learn that not everyone wins, someone else may get the the job they applied for etc… Teach them to have fun, do their best, be proud of themselves & learn from the experience.

Cyndi – DUMB ! So are they going to stop giving grades in Schools because little Johnny gets sad when he gets a C and little Becky gets an A this is getting ridiculous kids are resilient if they lose a game they won’t fall apart they will try harder next time !

Karen – Years ago, my daughter was enrolled in swimming classes and didn’t achieve the requirements to complete level 5. To this day, I believe she learned more from the failure than she did from the swim class. Up until then whenever she participated, it was in the attitude “everyone gets a medal”. The failure taught her that effort is required. Simply showing up isn’t enough. Best. Lesson. Ever.


Tracey – Our kids think the idea is “stupid”. They say the kids will keep score themselves anyways. This falls into the same category as some school boards who don’t let teacher dock marks for late assignments anymore … a lot of the incentive to work hard and make an effort is gone.

Matt – If this was to happen I would not put my kids in sports!!! I do NOT want them instilled with the illusion that everyone wins in life. Kids need to learn to win and lose with grace, humility and respect. You need to experience defeat in order to appreciate victory!!

Christine – We have lost the opening anthem for Hockey Night in Canada, people have got rid of the Lord’s Prayer in school, we have to say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas, there was an attemp to change the words to o’Canada, and freedom of speech is gradually becoming a thing of the past, where does it end. Abolishing score keeping is just another dumb change to our Canadian roots.

Murray – Stupidest think ever. Kids need to learn how to lose, nobody wins at everything. Life is going to eat these kids up later.

Jackie – Yes..because it would be life ruining if they lost…why does the saying ” Stop the Insanity” come to mind? Winning & losing are all part of learning…

Sabrina – My 4 year old always says “it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun”. How am I supposed to keep her in that mindset as she gets older if there are no winners or losers anymore? We should be teaching our children how to act appropriately when winning or losing so they learn how to deal with the good and the bad.

Cassandra – It’s awful. Have you ever seen a kid that wins all the time lose? They flip a lid. Children need to be taught how to win and lose and be humble and proud of themselves regardless of what happened. Kids need to be able to be told “I’m sorry, you lost.” Or “You’re the loser.” Without it being the end of the world. And they need to know that they are the winner but that doesn’t give them the right to gloat, or the ability to stop trying. The young generation is getting to be known as the coddled generation. This is exactly why. We’re providing crutches that children are going to be dependant on for their self-esteem, financially, for their education. Kids need to know that not everyone is going to win, not everyone is going to like them, and not every situation is going to work out the way they want it to, but everything passes and life goes on. Life is what you make of it, not what’s made for you.

Lisa – I’m no longer sure where I am living – all these rules and regulations on how to live and raise our children, right down to sliding down hills!… to who’s standards? Who is making this crap up??? I just want my children to have good peaceful values, kindness, and acceptance so yeah keep score! YOU CAN’T ALWAYS WIN!!! Who is going to hand over a job to my children when it’s time? Who will get the job ?- not teaching them to work towards something important and to achieve what they truly desire is not going to help them at all, at what age are we suppose to tell them there are actually winners and losers in life and finding work is a great competition, the best one wins, who again,? who is going to win? All of them? Seriously disturbing! sorry for the rant, but on another note, if the children are little farts under 10 maybe win – win isnt so bad but after 10 bugger off and learn life is competitive! JUST MY OPINION.

Sheila – My son played TimBit soccer for years and their policy is to not keep score. Guess what? If you asked any player on any team they could tell you who won their game and what the score was! Kids keep score! They are naturally competitive and want to know who won and who lost. What we need to do is teach them how to win and lose gratiously. Teach them about sportsmanship. In doing this, we will teach them life skills.

Jen – Winning and losing isn’t the whole issue, its the parents reaction to the outcome that makes the difference. But kids do need to learn both sides of the game

Teresa – Score keeping is not harmful to anyone – attitudes about winning and losing can be. Those aren’t going to change regardless of score keeping. We can however, all grow and learn and have fun regardless. Officially winning a game is only one part of sport. It’s why we recognize sportsmanship and most improved players. One year my son’s football team lost almost every game. You wouldn’t know it from the cheering coming from the stands. The next year those boys were in the semifinals. “Losing” the first year only gave them a sense if how far they’d come.

Barb – stupid stupid STUPID. Have to teach kids that its ok to lose. Welcome to the real world people lets not protect them to the point there gonna be social idiots when they get older cause they have been so sheltered as kids. Wow. Stupid!!!!!!!

Jody – My son has played 2 years of competitive soccer with scores kept and then last year with this stupid rule in place with no scores kept. We went to tournaments last summer that were called “festivals” where you played all the teams and then everyone got a participation medal at the end. The boys hated the medals, said they meant nothing, hated the fact that there was no trophy at the end of the season to work towards after having won it 2 years in a row. In the end, the boys still know who scored the goals, who won each game and what team was highest in the standings. It’s healthy for kids to experience wins and losses and only prepares them for the ups and downs that life brings! Thankfully my daughter has always been one year ahead of this rule and has never had it affect her team!

One thought on “No scores, no standings, everyone wins

  1. The Social Engineers once again are trying to teach our kids that everyone wins and drill this idiocy into their heads.Everyone DOES NOT win at sports or in life. Teach kids to give their absaloute effort at sports and if they win-great, when you lose you go home maybe disappointed but happy that you gave 100% effort.Our society is in many ways in the GARBAGE CAN because of these Social Engineers.


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